What is Escrow?

An escrow is a deposit of funds, deeds or other documents by the principals in a real estate transaction for the delivery to another party upon completion of agreed upon terms. The Escrow Officer is a neutral third party who protects the interests of the principals in the transaction.

Why Do I Need an Escrow?

Escrow ensures that no money or property will change hands until all terms of the agreement have been satisfied.

What Your Escrow Officer Does for You:

  • Receives and holds all funds for disbursement upon closing
  • Coordinates with service providers and lien holders to clear title issues and assist with the terms of the sales agreement
  • Pays bills and disburses all deposited funds as authorized, such as recording fees, loan and lien payoffs, payments to appraisers, warranty companies or other service providers and seller proceeds
  • Acts upon instructions from the principals and lenders, and relays necessary communication to all parties
  • Conducts the loan closing according to the lender’s instructions
  • Arranges for the issuance of the Owner’s and Lender’s Title Insurance Policies
  • Closes the escrow and records deeds and security instruments once all terms and conditions have been met

What Your Escrow Officer Can Do:

  • They take pride in their work – we never forget that we work for you!
  • They have more experience and more practical knowledge than the competition
  • We regularly put them through on-going training,  in fact, most of them  participate in classes each month
  • They regularly team up with real estate agents to bring the most value to both the buyer and seller

What Your Escrow Officer Cannot Do:

  • Provide legal advice
  • Negotiate terms of the transaction
  • Provide investment advice
  • Act without mutual written instructions from the principals